40000 prostitutes from around the world heading for the World Cup

Those from China arrested during the Olympics Games. (above)
At least 40,000 prostitutes from around the world are making their way to South Africa hoping to make a fortune from soccer fans at the World Cup that kicks off next month.

Authorities have predicted the influx of sex workers to greet atleast 500,000 foreign fans, according to Christian Science Monitor.

Most of them are from South Africa's impoverished neighbouring countries. Not just that, a hotel boss has also revealed that prostitutes have arrived from as far away as China, Venezuela and Pakistan.

Human rights activists warn that many of the women have been trafficked.

They have also urged hotels to shun the sex trade.

In extremely poor parts of Zimbabwe, some women have left their husbands to travel to South Africa.

"Marriages are fast breaking up with women choosing to stay alone in South Africa's hotels and lodges," a villager in southern Zimbabwe tells the Christian Science Monitor.

"But the most unfortunate part, is what are they going to do after the World Cup?"

The event is no stranger to sex trade. The 2006 World Cup in Germany, where brothels and prostitution is legalised, brought on an influx of about 40,000 sex workers and a lot of criticism from rights groups.

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Prostitution thrives in Singapore - News Report

Singapore is one of Asia's wealthiest economies, attracting migrant workers from across the region.
But many of those workers are women who are forced to work in the sex trade due to growing poverty caused by the global economic downturn.
Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley reports.

Watch these beautiful girls queuing along Geylang Lorong 8

They are standing just outside or nearby budget hotels, once a deal is agreed, they bring the customers into these hotels costing just S$10 per hour. Usually the girls will settle this amount. So any girl from anywhere can easily start a whore business here.

Soliciting at Geylang Lorong 12 (Indonesian territory)

A couple of bored young girls hanging out on the street of Geylang Lorong 12 apparently not aware that they are on candid camera. This street is usually dominated by girls from Indonesia and not the usual hot China pros you find in other streets. Business wasn't good for these girls as they swing their bodies and arms around in boredom. Better luck next time.

Prostitution in RUSSIA

Often coming from provinces, prostitutes would be more than 100 000 in Moscow. Whether in dark alleys or in brothels, their daily lives is a result of bullying and violence. Narrated in French.